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    I am in the process of transferring my blog to a new site. For previous posts, please visit https://lifeattheclubhouse.blogspot.com/ Thanks for your patience and understanding! Blessings,Erica

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    Do You Want S’more?

     S’mores are a Summer Staple around here. Ever since our kids were old enough to hold a skewer they have been roasting marshmallows with friends and family around our firepits. I cannot imagine a summer or fall without them. We purposely built our firepit on the edge of our patio so that you could either sit or stand around to easily roast marshmallows. I love that there really isn’t a wrong time of year to eat them.  S’mores always feel like the perfect compliment to celebrating Independence day. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched The Sandlot one too many times, or maybe its because some of the greatest friendships of my…

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    Hady in Wonderland

    Near the start of the year, my sister came to me with the idea of having a ONE-derland (Wonderland) themed party for Hady. My mind immediately went to photos that a friends wedding venue had shared of a garden themed, tea party style, event. Everything was dripping with greens and muted colors. There were tiny sweets and fun drinks. I knew this would be the basis for her party. Then we found the cutest tiny plates at Michaels with little pink and blue flowers. There it was. The perfect color scheme for her celebration.

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    Hope Anyway

    My good friend Emily said these words during one of the hardest parts of her story last year. I am clinging to them now. We are in an unprecedented crisis in our country. Our world has literally been turned upside down. For me, and many other military spouses, this feels all too familiar. The uncertainty, the lack of information, the constantly changing guidelines, and immediate major change of plans are all things that our military is used to. Our family’s life has been uprooted before, however, we had immediate resources available to us at that time with clear structure on how to proceed. The uncertainty and heartache surrounding this current…